About the Artist

The joy of wood is an obsession. I guess I could extend that to all of woodwork but for me it’s woodturning. If one is not careful, this artistic hobby could easily occupy a great majority of one’s time; formulating designs, shopping for new tools, finding different ways to get the right effect, filling one’s house with wood in varying stages of drying, etc.

I immediately recognized woodturning as an art that requires continuous learning and development of new techniques and skills. In the initial stages, I struck out on my own but soon I joined the Greater Vancouver Woodturners Guild. I spent some time volunteering and developed many friendships with like-minded people. Between the Guild’s monthly meetings, I often meet with other woodturners for idea beating and fact sharing missions. More recently I’ve joined the Fraser Valley Woodturners Guild which meets in Abbotsford, BC, expanding my circle.

My shop underwent a transformation years ago to remove the table saw and the sliding mitre saw which I used for small woodwork projects. What took their place? A Delta Midi lathe, a Bandsaw and an 8” bench grinder are the three main tools in my shop. I’ve also added other much smaller tools that I use for adding colour, textures, and other effects.

My family has given me even more encouragement. Thanks also to my friends and close relatives who give me continuous encouragement to continue my art.

Check my calendar for events that I’ll be attending. I’ll try to keep it updated regularly.