Turning an Endgrain Convoluted Natural Edge Dogwood Bowl

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Natural Edge Maple Burl Bowl

This bowl measures 13″ X 5″. Lots of inclusions and small burls sprouting beyond the edge. Zoom in and look closely. Tell me what you think!

1 10298573_1499449286941663_865553501503198870_o

This bowl was cored out and the core was used to make a smaller bowl.

2 10338657_1499449336941658_6245072814362169288_o

After the turning and sanding, it was coated several layers of Danish Oil

3 885840_1499449130275012_2947798647357248229_o

The Danish Oil brings out the grain in the wood

4 892356_1499449383608320_5659891947089755874_o

The first 3 coats of Wipe-on-Poly went on quickly, followed by hand sanding with 400 grit

5 903561_1499449586941633_691634237758315037_o

Each subsequent coat of Wipe-on-Poly was followed with a finer grit of sand paper. 400, 500, 600, 800, 1200, 1500, 2000

7 10269153_1499449723608286_1361571804908291221_o

During the application of the Wipe-on-Poly and sanding, the texture becomes smoother and smoother.

8 10320956_1499449970274928_7938188267261792513_o

The final coat of Wipe-on-Poly is followed with an application of Conservator’s Wax

9 10353327_1499449993608259_3744537536409592707_o

The wax repels fingerprints and dust and makes the surface feel oh so good.

8 10320956_1499449970274928_7938188267261792513_o

This bowl begs to be picked up.

10 10298573_1499449286941663_865553501503198870_o

Natural Edge Grafted Cherry

A good friend gave me some cherry wood to turn. I cut and rough turned several pieces from the rounds and put them away for drying. About a month and a half later, she requested a natural edge bowl from one of the rounds but the rouged blanks would need much more drying time. Several months after that I moved and could not find these roughed blanks. I finally came across them and recently surprised her with this one.

Here you can clearly see the demarcation between the two parts of the grafted tree. The growth rings are continuous from one side to the other. Isn’t nature grand?

1 10275421_1493745387512053_2764207646211556725_o

It’s approximately 11″ at the widest point and 4″ high at the high points. The bark is firmly attached and needed no gluing.

2 10258861_1493745417512050_8242772631735139401_o

The foot is just about 4″ in diameter.

3 902720_1493745410845384_6118111608367013682_o

Finished with Minwax Antique Oil and 9 coats of Minwax Wipe-on-Poly sanded between each coat with progressively finer sandpaper. The last part of the finishing process is Conservator’s wax, hand buffed after applying it with 0000 steel wool and a very light touch.

4 1522922_1493745457512046_5327057229304210013_o