Square Bowl with Enhanced Figure

Square Maple Burl Bowl with Enhanced Figure

This lovely little bowl was turned from a square block of wood, leaving the edges intact. The figure is enhanced by many colours of airbrushed acrylic paints which were subsequently sanded off, leaving their impact only in the figure. Danish Oil was used to make the colours and the figure even more pronounced, followed by 9 hand rubbed coats of wipe-on poly, leaving a clean soft feeling when touched.

8.5″ Corner to Corner, 6″ Side to Side X 1.75 High at Corners

$80Square Edged Maple Burl Bowl with Enhanced Figure

Figured Maple Bowl

Shallow Bowl with Beaded Rim

A shallow bowl made from highly figured big leaf Maple with an exquisite curve both on the inside and the outside. The bead breaks the rim from the inside of the bowl. Danish Oil enhances the grain & figure and 9 hand rubbed coats of wipe-on poly provide protection and a food-safe finish.

9″ Diameter X 1.75″ High


Figured Maple Salad Bowl

Large Maple Bowl with Spalting

A Salad Bowl suitable for serving 2 – 4 salads. The durable finish is food safe and can be used on the table. Finished with 9 hand rubbed coats of wipe-on poly, this bowl will be in service for many years to come.

11″ Diameter X 3.5″ High


Figured Maple Bowl with Beaded Rim

Figured Maple Bowl with Beaded Rim and Inclusion

This bowl was rough turned and allowed to dry. After several months, it was used as a demonstration for finish turning. The proportions were carefully measured and the bead was created to bring attention to the inclusion and the figure inside. My standard application of Danish Oil and 9 hand rubbed coats of wipe-on poly make up the finish.

9.75″ Diameter X 2.5″ High


Heron Sunset

Wide Rimmed Bowl with Sunset Over the Sea and Heron

This bowl started with a beginning layer of acrylic paints. After a period of just looking at it, I decided to fade those colours a bit by sanding them back and adding more vibrant colours on top. My initial vision for this bowl had the sun setting in it’s current position but the silhouette of the heron was a whimsical addition. This bowl has an extremely good curve both on the inside and the outside. Danish Oil was added to enhance the colours and 9 hand rubbed coats of Wipe-On Poly provide the sheen and a highly refined smoothness.

10″ Diameter X 2″ High


Dyed Quilted Maple Bowl

Dyed Figured Maple Bowl

A shallow bowl/platter in Big Leaf Maple with quilted figure. The wide rim accentuates the dyed area which in turn, accentuates the quilted figure in the grain.

Following the dying, a coat of oil was applied to enhance the grain, figure & colours. 8 hand rubbed coats of wipe-on-poly protects the entire piece.

10.75″ Diameter X 2″ High


Big Leaf Maple Burl Bowl

Maple Burl Bowl


A large bowl made from a highly figured Big leaf Maple Burl. It was turned when the wood was still just a little bit wet. Drying the burl allowed a small amount of change in the surface texture resulting in a random rippled effect.

The grain and the bark inclusions were enhanced by the addition of a coat of oil before 9 coats of wipe-on-poly were carefully applied by hand.

9.5″ Diameter X 2.75″ high


Dyed Box Elder Footed Bowl

Dyed Box Elder Bowl with Carved Feet

I have often been asked how long it took me to make a certain piece and this is by far the one that has taken the most of my time. The wood came from a friend’s back yard not far from me.

When it was first turned from a wet block of Box Elder, the grain was muted giving it the appearance of being extremely plain. After a few months of further drying, I returned it to my lathe and turned it again to the resulting form. I initially carved three feet on the bottom but their shape wasn’t impressive. The piece sat unfinished for months while the shape of the feet was re-thought.

The bowl returned to my fascination after a few inspiring classes and I realized that there was a lot of figure hidden in the nearly invisible grain. I resolved to refine the shape of the 3 feet and when I finished that, I knew that the next step was to dye the piece.

The work I had done with dyes to date always begins with dark colours first, so I began with a coat of black. I then sanded it by hand for 4 hours to reveal the wood where the dye did not soak in as much. I had to be very careful not to sand off the black dye from the rim area. The sanding was followed by a generous coat of red dye which only coloured the areas where the previous sanding revealed the wood completely.

Finishing the bowl included the usual liberal coat of oil and 9 coats of wipe on poly.

Handcrafted Maple Bowl

Handcrafted Maple Bowl Wood Turning
The rim shows the figure flowing to the surface of the tree’s live edge, causing the uneven natural edge’s wavy appearance.

This piece of Maple was light and the oil makes the figure and the grain more evident. The glossiness comes from four coats of wipe on poly.

24cm diameter X 8cm high

Handcrafted Maple Burl Bowl

A square edged bowl with the natural edge along one side, 3 carved feet and vibrant figure in the grain.

A coat of oil was soaked into the wood and four coats of wipe on poly followed.

20cm diameter X 10cm high