Dyed Maple Platter

A maple platter with a small center bowl. 10″ X 1.5″.

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The center bowl was first dyed black, sanded and then dyed red.

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The rim was dyed red, sanded back and then dyed yellow.

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The edge around the rim was dyed black to make it stand out.

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The bead around the center was turned to a peak and left sharp.


Heron on Juniper

Natural Edge Juniper Platter with Heron

This piece of Juniper has a significant difference between the heartwood and sapwood colours. The rays of figure are dramatic when the light reflects from the central area. The three flat edges are the natural edges of the tree. The figure of the Heron was masked, burned, and textured prior to being painted with an airbrush.

11″ Diameter X 1.75″ High

$100 (stand not included)

Twilight Flight

Platter with Heron

This small platter had the figure enhanced with a variety of blue, red and yellow to represent the background sky after sunset and 4 colours make up the Heron in flight. Danish Oil makes the colours and the figure more prominent and 9 hand rubbed coats of wipe-on poly provide durable protection.

9.5″ Diameter X 1.25″ High

$120 (stand not included)

Flying off into the Sunset

Sunset Platter with Heron

The figure in this small platter has been enhanced with the addition of 4 different combinations of Red, Yellow and Orange acrylic paints and the Heron was added with 3 different shades of black. The colours of the setting sun in the sky appear to reflect from the glossy feathers of this magnificent bird. Danish Oil brightens the colours and makes the figure more prominent while 9 hand rubbed coats of wipe-on poly provide protection.

8.75″ Diameter X 1.25″ High


Sunset over the Foothills

Sunset Over the Mountains

I make a habit of pausing to observe every scene like this that I encounter. I love the way further mountains appear faded, the way the sunlight filters through the clouds onto the hillside.

This platter was painted with acrylic colours and later sanded to make the colours fade. Coated with 9 hand rubbed coats of wipe-on poly, the finish is made to last.

11.75″ Diameter X 1.75″ High

$75 (stand not included)

Figured Maple Platter

Figured Maple Platter with 2 Inclusions and 3 Feet

The figure in this platter really stands out and the two inclusions add life. Three feet are carved on the bottom to lift it from a table but it displays better in a stand (not included). The platter is protected by 9 hand rubbed coats of wipe-on poly and is food safe.

12.25″ Diameter X 1″ High


Stitched Cherry Platter

Cherry Platter with Copper Stitch Repaired Crack

A small platter in cherry wood. As the wet turning progressed, a crack developed. The best way to repair the crack and ensure my safety while turning it was to glue it closed with instant glue. After the form was finalized and the piece dried completely, holes were drilled, the crack was emphasized with pyrography and the copper wire was added.

A coal of oil accentuates the figure and colour in the wood grain and 8 coats of wipe-on-poly were applied by hand.

8.75″ Diameter X 1.25″ High

$55 (stand not included)

Western Red Cedar Handcrafted Platter

A large platter in Western Red Cedar, this piece stands out with dramatic figure and deep rich colours in the grain. The wide rim is separated from the bowl by a bead. Attention to detail is evident in the smooth flow of the curve on the outside of the piece.

The knot hole adds depth and texture to the flowing figure in the wood.

The blackened stand uses brass rods to hold this piece tilted back to show off its beauty.

Several coats of oil were soaked up by the extremely dry cedar and six coats of wipe on poly followed.

31cm diameter X 10cm high