Hollywood Farmer

Hollywood Farmer - Vancouver Artist Jay Mapson
The Hollywood Farmer was inspired from many weeks spent in Asia over several years. Every part is turned except his body and the base on which he stands (the bead on his hat cord and the buttons on his tunic). The baskets are lidded boxes and are intended to hide secret treasures. This endeavor comprises many new techniques that I’ve never tried before, texturing on the baskets and the hat, mounting a piece on a base, net tying, etc.

The Hollywood Farmer is made entirely from Holly branches, including the buttons and hat cord bead, his hat, head, limbs and body. The baskets are lidded boxes made from Maple. The netting that holds the baskets and the hat cord are made from Jute. The pole is Dogwood, turned to resemble bamboo, and then heated and clamped in a jig to obtain the bend. The base is a donated Yellow Cedar Burl. His clothing was created by a friend from Hong Kong with lots of consultation from several other friends.

48cm high, 38cm wide and 23cm deep