Lock & Load

These pens are all made from Big Leaf Maple burl, most with dyes, then finished with CA.


The Lock & Load kit is a take off from the common bullet pen kit, with a different lever to activate the ink cartridge. The rifle shaped clip is also slightly altered from the original kit.


This kit is available with a gun metal or gold or chrome finish each with the copper tip. The top end also has a little detail


After turning the wood to size, it gets carefully sanded and inspected


My pens are dyed using a special light-fast dye dissolved in alcohol. The process includes a blending step that helps the colours absorb deeper into the grain and figure of the wonderful burl wood


After the dying process is complete, each pen gets 9 coats of CA glue as a finish that protects the wood from the acidic nature of the oils in the user’s fingers


After the protective finish is applied and allowed to cure, the finish is polished twice to bring up a beautiful luster.