Natural Edge Maple Burl Bowl

This bowl measures 13″ X 5″. Lots of inclusions and small burls sprouting beyond the edge. Zoom in and look closely. Tell me what you think!

1 10298573_1499449286941663_865553501503198870_o

This bowl was cored out and the core was used to make a smaller bowl.

2 10338657_1499449336941658_6245072814362169288_o

After the turning and sanding, it was coated several layers of Danish Oil

3 885840_1499449130275012_2947798647357248229_o

The Danish Oil brings out the grain in the wood

4 892356_1499449383608320_5659891947089755874_o

The first 3 coats of Wipe-on-Poly went on quickly, followed by hand sanding with 400 grit

5 903561_1499449586941633_691634237758315037_o

Each subsequent coat of Wipe-on-Poly was followed with a finer grit of sand paper. 400, 500, 600, 800, 1200, 1500, 2000

7 10269153_1499449723608286_1361571804908291221_o

During the application of the Wipe-on-Poly and sanding, the texture becomes smoother and smoother.

8 10320956_1499449970274928_7938188267261792513_o

The final coat of Wipe-on-Poly is followed with an application of Conservator’s Wax

9 10353327_1499449993608259_3744537536409592707_o

The wax repels fingerprints and dust and makes the surface feel oh so good.

8 10320956_1499449970274928_7938188267261792513_o

This bowl begs to be picked up.

10 10298573_1499449286941663_865553501503198870_o