Norfolk Island Pine Handcrafted Bowl

The wood from Norfolk Island Pine (NIP) trees has some very interesting characteristics. With the right technique, and very sharp tools, it can be turned very thin. With care and a lot of attention to detail, the final thickness of this bowl is just 1mm,  so thin that the light can easily be seen through it.

Another interesting characteristic of NIP is the contrast in the colors produced when the bacteria takes over after the tree dies. This particular piece was given to me after it was roughed out and very dry. Before it was roughed out, the bacteria had been encouraged to grow which produced changes in the colors of the wood. They show up wonderfully when displayed with a light behind.

The bowl is finished with several coats of oil which aids the translucency and four coats of wipe on poly. The custom made stand doesn’t obscure the full view of the bowl or the translucency, allowing any light striking the back to be transmitted through the wood.

23cm diameter X 6cm high