Sunset in Apple

This bowl has been airbrushed with the colors to represent this sunset. It’s approximately 7.5″ X 3″, turned very thin, oiled and topped with 9 coats of MinWax Wipe-on-poly. Tell me what you think.

1 10273216_1505320543021204_2434337594607085041_o

The sunset colors in the sky are a combination of reds, oranges and yellows. The streaks are natural and were not added. Looks a lot like small clouds I think.

2 1795437_1505320596354532_2979627145653432285_o

The hillside illusion in the landscape was airbrushed with a simple mask. The water in the foreground has several shades of blue and some highlights from the sky colors.

3 1965668_1505320586354533_8913599676520551700_o

The underside shows the original colors of this piece of apple wood from a friend’s firewood pile.