Vases for Pat & Denise

The rectangular block was cut in half and one part was rounded, revealing a small knot and inclusion (the bark).


When the second half was rounded, it revealed this amazing figure. The depth of the waves was mesmerizing.


Here are the two forms basically shaped. Hollowing was next.


The inclusion became more pronounced with the shaping of the form1208868_1491654017721190_6588471321538376338_n

On this form, the figure became deeper and even more interesting all the time during the shaping


This is the finial that I designed previously with the addition of the bead near the bottom that replicates the shape of the form. The collar is made from Elm.


The same picture with the form turned a bit to show the other side.



The plug/finial removed. The plug is made from a small piece of dyed maple burl. The grove in the plug separates the dyed section from the bottom button


This is the form with more figure, completed with it’s collar, plug & finial. This plug stands a little higher than the other. They’re interchangeable so either finial can be mounted on either form.


The same form, turned a bit, showing off its figure.


Turned again to show a lot of figure.10264963_1491651657721426_181701264334580552_n